The Compact Chaff Process

The Burnett and Capricornia districts of Queensland, Australia boast some of the most fertile and productive soil within Australia. It is from these districts that Seven Horses Australia sources the prime hay that is ultimately transformed into Compact Chaff.

Each Lucerne, Barley, Oaten, Millet, and Rhodes crop is carefully inspected for quality before it is cut, raked and subsequently baled. This comprehensive inspection process ensures Seven Horses Australia consistently produce a premium product.

After further inspection for quality, the bales are transported to the Seven Horses manufacturing plant where the hay is chaffed, compressed and vacuum packed using specialised machinery. Once packed, the product is arranged onto pallets or into Twenty (20) foot shipping containers ready for shipping around Australia and export to international clients.

The Compact Chaff Process Snapshot

  1. Crop quality inspection
  2. Cutting of the matured crop
  3. Baling the hay into bales
  4. Transported to manufacturing plant
  5. Hay is chaffed and compressed
  6. Vacuum sealed
  7. Packed for transportation

The fodder choice of champions

“I have to say, we have found your product excellent and highly recommend it to others. I have a horse that has had a constant cough and I have spent a lot of money on vet bills trying to cure it. We changed hay, feed, and the horse was on constant antibiotics etc. On this feed his cough has stopped completely. Just thought I'd let you know.”

Seven Horses Australia

Sasja O’Donoghue