The fodder choice of champions

“Seven Horses Compact Chaff ticks so many boxes. I like knowing that my horses are getting the same sized ration for every feed and all of them are of the same high quality.

Because the product is so convenient, I can take it with me when we travel away to competitions. I can easily plan how much feed to take with me. I don’t have to buy any extra while we are way and my horses don’t have to adjust to a new feed.”

Seven Horses Australia

Andrew Currie

Winner Area 4 National Cutting Horse Association $10,000 Novice Horse 2014

Now Exporting Compact Chaff Internationally!

The best chaff, compressed and vacuum packed can be exported to many countries around the world.

The convenience and longevity of Seven Horses' unique packing technology allows the world to access the nutritional benefits of Compact Chaff whilst realising savings on transport and shipping costs.

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Seven Horses Australia