The fodder choice of champions

“A friend and I had set up our camps side by side at a campdraft and our horses were fenced in via electric tape. As usual, I had packed Lucerne Compact Chaff for my horses and my friend had packed her own regular Lucerne hay.

My friends’ horses pushed under their electric fencing, walked right past the bales of hay and started feeding on my Compact Chaff. The escapees were put back in their electric tape only to break out a second time and feast on my Compact Chaff again!

Needless to say, I packed the Compact Chaff away for safe keeping because I didn’t want my horses to miss out.

Thanks for the great quality feed.”

Seven Horses Australia

Nikki Hoffman

Now Exporting Compact Chaff Internationally!

The best chaff, compressed and vacuum packed can be exported to many countries around the world.

The convenience and longevity of Seven Horses' unique packing technology allows the world to access the nutritional benefits of Compact Chaff whilst realising savings on transport and shipping costs.

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Seven Horses Australia