Exporting Australian Grown Chaff to the World

The best chaff, compressed and vacuum packed can be exported to many countries around the world.

Seven Horses Australia is proud of the quality hay grown in Central Queensland’s Burnett and Capricornia districts of Australia and is pleased to be able to share that quality with an ever increasing global horse population.

The convenience and longevity of Seven Horses' unique packing technology allows the world to access the nutritional benefits of Compact Chaff whilst realising savings on transport and shipping costs.

Whilst 20-25 metric tonnes of standard hay and chaff products are shipped in a Fourty (40) foot container, Compact Chaff ships at almost 19 metric tonnes per Twenty (20) foot container, making shipping costs per metric tonne much more economical.

The unique compressed and vacuumed sealed product is ideal for international export.

If you would like to import Seven Horses Compact Chaff into your country, please call us on + 61 411 098 953 email us chaff@sevenhorses.com.au or complete the online form below.

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