Seven Horses' premium compact chaff range is cut from cured, quality hay grown in Central Queensland’s Burnett and Capricornia districts - highly regarded hay growing areas of Australia. Lucerne (Alfalfa) and other seasonal varieties of chaff such as Barley, Oaten and Rhodes Grass are compressed, vacuum sealed fresh and packed into a single, convenient and easily handled bag incorporating seven (7) individual rations.

Each ration is of consistent quality and portion, making feed management simple and straightforward. The product provides a no mess, no waste, quality fodder that is nutritious for horses and convenient for their owners, and the vacuum sealed fresh pack ensures that the chaff maintains its nutritional value over a long shelf life.

The fodder choice of champions

“Hauling horses to events around the country can be hard on them. Seven Horses Compact Chaff provides my horses with the best nutrition and keeps them in top shape all year round. I wouldn’t do it any other way!”.

Seven Horses Australia

Matt Moffat

2014 Australian Campdraft Association Champion Juvenile Rider and Seven Horses Sponsored Rider

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Now Exporting Compact Chaff Internationally!

The best chaff, compressed and vacuum packed can be exported to many countries around the world.

The convenience and longevity of Seven Horses' unique packing technology allows the world to access the nutritional benefits of Compact Chaff whilst realising savings on transport and shipping costs.

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