Horse Feed Rates

Seven Horses Compact chaff is a hay/chaff replacement, therefore, feed rates can be left up to the discretion of the horse owner/trainer and their knowledge of each individual horse and its usual feed requirements.

It’s important to keep in mind the general rule of thumb that horses should always be fed a minimum of 1% of its body weight in roughage.

For example, a 400kg horse without pasture should be fed at least four kilograms (4kg) of roughage per day which equates to two (2) rations of Seven Horses Compact Chaff.

How to Use

Feeding is as simple as opening the bag, breaking off an individual ration and placing it in the horse’s feed container.

However, Seven Horses customers have the benefit of deciding what feed method is best for their horse.

Some customers choose to open the bag a few hours before feed time to allow the Compact Chaff to partially expand prior to feeding while others soak a ration in water for an hour or more prior to feeding to reduce soluble sugars by up to 30%.

Soaking is also a great option for aged horses as the water will expand and soften the chaff making it easier for them to eat.

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